‘Barcelona Could Play in the Premier League’

Catalonia could become independent, against the Spanish government’s wishes, and that would obviously affect FC Barcelona, among a lot of things. Spanish league officials have maintained that Catalan clubs will not be able to play in La Liga, but some see that as an empty threat.

Now, the Catalan minister of sport, Gerard Figueras, gives us his take: “In the event of independence, the Catalan clubs in La Liga would have to decide where they want to play: in the Spanish league or in a nearby country, like Italy, France or the Premier League.”

There are several examples of teams playing in leagues that belong to other countries. AS Monaco plays in the French league, Welsh clubs like Cardiff and Swansea City play in the Premier League, and Andorran clubs can play in Spanish leagues. But as of right now there are no assurances – of anything.

It remains to be seen how the political situation affects the team.

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