‘I wish Stuart Pearce had been more aggressive as Nottingham Forest manager’ – Kenny Burns

I’m pleased to see Stuart Pearce back in football as assistant manager at West Ham.

Given the fact he has spent most of his managerial career as the man in charge, you might think it’s strange for him to be a number two.

The trouble is, he’s either not getting offered any manager’s jobs, or the ones he is getting are too low down the leagues for him to take them.

He’s going into a Premier League club so it’s a big opportunity and I do fancy West Ham to stay up. They’ve got a lot of good players.

Former Nottingham Forest manager Stuart Pearce was on radio duty

One reason I think Stuart has not been totally successful as a manager is he’s too nice, which is ironic given how he was on the pitch.

He was as tough as they come as a player, but he doesn’t seem to be an aggressive manager.

I’m not saying constantly tear into your players, but they do need to have a bit of fear.

I was a wee bit disappointed with him at Forest as manager. You talk to him and he’s very pleasant, a nice person.

The way he played didn’t reflect on him in the dressing room from what I have been told.

It’s possible this is a reason why he started well at Forest, but they fell away and he couldn’t turn it round. Perhaps players just needed a kick up the backside that wasn’t coming.

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