Olympiacos 0-0 Barcelona, 2017 Champions League: Player Ratings

For such a poor match, MAtS was arguably the only person to not have a horrible game. However, despite some decent saves, even the usually composed German had some lapses in concentration that led to some miscommunication with his defenders in dangerous positions.

He’s probably gonna bounce back but this was no performance to recall. Not only was Semedo laid back, he failed to combine with those around him barring the odd occasion. Some decent one-twos sprinkled over and that’s about it.

Decent in defence and had a solid performance but even Mascherano had his goofs. On a night where Sergio Busquets is making bad passes, I think he can be exempted from such criticism.

Probably his worst performance in a Barcelona jersey and he still wasn’t the worst player on the pitch. Had some poor moments and his passing was suspect. Looked defensively solid.

Ran a lot. That’s about it. With Denis on his side, the duo crowded the flank and stepped on each other’s toes constantly.

Probably the most composed on the pitch despite the lack of support. Lacked his usual invincibility and made some poorly weighted passes throughout the game.

Looked tired and didn’t provide support in midfield. Made some runs into the box but that’s about it.

Got injured towards the end of the first half and got carded right before.

Had some good moments like the beautiful through ball to Luis Suárez that the latter eventually messed up.

Same old Luis Suárez that misses chances and doesn’t take his shots. Picked up the pace towards the end but it wasn’t enough.

Some nice dribbles to entertain and constantly joined the midfield. Played everywhere he was needed but lacked the finishing touch on the night.

A lot of running. No end product.

Looked decent but didn’t play enough in my opinion.

Did not play enough.

Absolute garbage. This was one of the least gratifying matches you could watch as a football fan.

How does someone pick the perfect line-up for a 4-3-3 and still mess it up? How can you watch your team play that way and still not change things? How can you introduce wingers into the game and not let them play as one?

It takes a special kind of love for the club to sit through games like this one. Boring.

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