Tottenham news: Mauricio Pochettino lays down the gauntlet on his stars over book claims | Football | Sport

But former Spurs star Jason Cundy believes there may be a “perfect storm” brewing at his old club, one which Pochettino may not be able to solve.

The Argentinian was partly jesting when he responded to the ‘conspiracy theory’ that the openness of “Brave New World”, the diary of last season that is raising money for charity, had unsettled his squad.

But picking up just one point from the last three Premier League games and recording one win in the last five has put the Argentinian under extra scrutiny, especially as the pre-publication run was eight wins from 11.

Tottenham will kick off at Watford tomorrow in seventh place in the table, one spot behind Burnley.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger said he would never sanction the release of any dressing room secrets while he was still in charge at Arsenal but Pochettino argued there was no harm in telling the truth.

And if his players tried to hide behind a book that was extremely candid about Eric Dier, Dele Alli and Danny Rose, to name but three, they could expect to be dropped.

“I’m more than happy if the book is the problem, it’s easy – on the bench or out of the list,” said Pochettino. “But my relationship with…

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